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    The Institute takes keen interest in the placement of students. The students are trained to face recruitment process of top companies. Various techniques such as interview, resume building, self-presentation, networking skills, interpersonal skills and communication skills are taught. Summer and winter training projects combine academic inputs with practical training. They offer industry – related, hands-on experience in various career opportunities while helping students make career choices in real work situations.

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‘'The economy of any country and the wealth of any individual depend on the efficiency of business management and public administration. The genius of the Indian mind is recognized worldwide. With proper training Indian leadership in business management and public administration will succeed in creating a stable, prosperous national economy as an example for the world to follow. The collaboration of Maharishi Institute of Management with Maharishi University of Management is designed to achieve this goal”. “One can only be proud of Maharishi Institute of Management which has proven to be the guiding light of higher education in the world.'’

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